Give your webcam superpowers!

Jiff sits between your webcam and your favorite
video conferencing apps so that you can change how you and your background looks in real-time

Powerful video enhancements in one place

Enhance your look in real-time

Most webcam video output suck.
Jiff allows you to change your lighting, reduce noise and enhance the colors of your video

Have fun with your backgrounds

Jiff removes all the clutter around you and focuses on what you've to say. Have fun with custom backgrounds

Bringing the best of AI to your video calls

We use computer vision to help put the focus on what matters on your video calls. You!


Jiff is a virtual camera for your computer
that works with any app that uses a webcam

Start Jiff app before your call, Select Jiff Camera as a camera source on your video conferencing app (Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Teams etc) and you're good to go

Jiff works WITH YOUR favorite apps

Show up as the best version of yourself


To help with your new work from home life,
Jiff is free for 120 minutes / day, forever.

For every new invite, get 15 minutes added to your account

Frequently asked questions

How does the app work?

When you install Jiff, it creates a virtual camera named 'JiffCamera' in your computer,
For example, if you want to join a Zoom/Hangouts/Teams meeting, simply start the Jiff app, turn on the camera
and in your Zoom/Hangouts/Teams app select 'JiffCamera' as your webcam source. Any changes you make in
the Jiff app will now show up on Zoom. Have fun enhancing yourself.

Whos' Jiff for?

The whole world is working from home now, most of us use the build-in webcam on our computers. These webcams often produce a noisy, grainy and low lighting video. We built Jiff to bring computer vision techniques we normally use for photo editing to real-time video. Jiff is for anyone who wants to look the best version of themselves for work and casual online video calls.

I don't have a Mac, what do I do?

The windows version is under development. Signup for our waitlist so you'll be the first to get it.

Is Jiff completely free?

We prioritized the early features to run locally and free for everyone. You get 2 hours a day for free and for every new user you invite, you'll get an additional 15 mins per day, forever. We will be launching more advanced features every week. You can either choose to pay for them or keep using the original features for free.

How do I get more free minutes of Jiff?

Inside Jiff app, within the 'Appearance' screen you'll find your unique share code. Share that with your friends and co-workers, when they sign up for Jiff using your code, we'll add 15 minutes more to your Jiff account for each sign up. Example: If 4 people sign up using your code, you'll get an additional 1 hour per day. The credits last forever.

My video output on Zoom is flipped / cropped, How to fix it?

The output from Jiff to Zoom is a mirror image of what your webcam sees, go to Video settings and
1. Disable  'Mirror my video'
2. Change from 16:9 ratio to 'Original ratio'

What are the minimum requirements?

Jiff needs MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) and it works best with Macbook Air 2016 or later, Macbook Pro 2015 or later

How can I uninstall/remove Jiff?

Follow the instructions here.

I get 'The installation failed' message when I try installing, what do I do?

Try installing the app 3-4 times when it fails, it should install ok during this process. Since some dependencies require others to work, sometimes multiple attempts are required.

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We take your privacy seriously

a. The free version of the Jiff app works 100% locally on your computer

. No identifiable image data is stored or processed elsewhere.

c. All your basic information and usage data is anonymized and encrypted.
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